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Seneca County Courthouse Book

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“Fascinating History You Didn’t Learn in School” was the focus when award-winning writers Lisa Swickard and Tricia Valentine began the popular ZIG ZAG Magazine, a newspaper spotlighting little-known Ohio history.


REWIND: Best of ZIG ZAG Magazine Vol. 1  features six of those amazing stories.


• Experience the old Mansfield Reformatory through the eyes of a former guard, prisoner and a warden’s son.


• Relive the horrific, 1865 wreck of the steamship Pewabic on Lake Huron that claimed the life of Tiffin’s first female physician and other Ohio passengers and crew.


“The Giants of Seville” recalls the story of Capt. Martin Bates and Anna Swan who spent their careers as human “curiosities” before settling in Seville, OH.


• “Girls in the Reich” is the account of two women who as children in Germany suffered at the hands of the Hitler regime during World War II.


• Anyone who colored Easter eggs in the 20th century probably used Fleck’s Easter Egg dyes. Discover how that family-owned company became known the world over.


• “Four Dead in O-H-I-O” relives the Kent State University shootings in 1970 from the perspective of a wounded student, guardsman’s testimony and a state trooper sent to deal with the aftermath.


REWIND: Best of ZIG ZAG Magazine Vol. 1 is a colorful, thought-provoking chronicle — a must-have for every lover of Ohio’s rich and unique history.




Best of ZIG ZAG Magazine


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Tiffin brothel of yesteryear.


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All history tours are copyright 2018, Lisa Swickard/Virgin Alley Press. All rights reserved.

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DECOMMISSIONED: Final Days of the 1884 Seneca County Courthouse


When two local politicians opted to demolish the 127-year-old Beaux Arts-style courthouse that sat in the heart of downtown Tiffin, Ohio, a controversy erupted  that fractured the spirit of an entire community.


From the pre-demolition protests to the final farewell of the clock tower, DECOMMSSIONED: Final Days of the 1884 Seneca County Courthouse takes the reader on a  200-page, day-to-day pictorial journey of the demolition. 


Also included are chapters that show the few architectural treasures that were saved, as well as the myriad of treasures lost when the county commissioners chose to forego any salvage efforts.


In the end, the Seneca County Courthouse earned distinction when it became the only Ohio courthouse on the National Register of Historic Places to ever be razed.

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