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Editing Services from Virgin Alley Press


When it comes to writing, the work isn't finished until it is free from errors. With more than 30 years of editing experience, author Lisa Swickard  will ensure your writing — from college papers to professional documents — is cohesive and mistake-free. From simple proofreading to copy editing and rewrites, Virgin Alley Press offers professional services for all your editing needs, at reasonable prices. Editing can be done via email from a WORD document.



Proofreading is about getting rid of the cosmetic errors. If a paper or document requires only a last-minute read without the need to rework text or rearrange content, this is the service for you. Proofreading is done to catch typos, spelling, text or grammatical errors. It does not include rewriting or reformatting.


$3 per page

Copy Editing

Copy editing is about catching mistakes as well as improving style and formatting. In this capasity, the editor will correct flow, rework some of the text or restructure some paragraphs to ensure the document's professional quality.



$4 per page

Content Editing

Content editing is much more intensive. It involves the possibility of adding things that were left out or rewriting sections of content. This is a very comprehensive process that can require research as well as complete rewrites.


$10 per page

Make your project the best that it can be!

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